Czech Republic massage parlours are well-known throughout Europe by male travelers seeking erotic adventures. In fact whether you find yourself in eastern cities like Brno, Olomouc or Ostrava, or in Prague itself, there are plenty of massage options for even the newest visitor.

While language barriers and local customs can be difficult for tourists to navigate, Prague’s relaxation offerings often overcome obstacles and make things simple for newcomers. English and German speaking staff can be found in Praha’s larger spas, and also in touristy spa destinations like Karlovy Vary in western Czech Republic.

A Czech Massage for Everyone

While family travelers and fitness minded individuals seek out the therapeutic and exotic hot stone massages, most male travelers prefer the happy ending variety often found off the beaten path in Prague. In fact, Asian massage girls competing with local Czech girls means prices have come down in recent years, while service offerings continue to improve. Massage offerings in Czech Republic have never been better!

Unless one speaks Russian or Czech, many of the cultural nuances can easily escape you, and leave you wandering among the sheep on the well-trodden tourist path. This is by no means where you can find the ultimate massages in Prague. In fact, tourists often pay 100 euros or more for a quick and unsatisfying rubdown. The best parlours within Prague are not on the tourist path. That’s why knowledge is power in the Czech Republic, especially for foreign men!

Who Else Wants A Prague Happy Ending Massage?

Let’s face it, when it comes to the male traveler, even the very best Swedish or Thai massage just doesn’t cut it. The majority of men who visit Prague find the massage offerings intriguing, and many choose to take part in the action themselves. The “happy ending” spas in Czech Republic have earned their reputation – men often make annual pilgrimages from western Europe to enjoy the delights offered by gorgeous Czech girls.

When it comes to finding the hottest parlours off the beaten path for world-class delights, information is everything. Just ask the local guides like Nicholas Diamond and Jiri Novak. For about 300 euros a night, they guide high rollers into Prague’s hottest meat markets – pleasure dens that only the most savvy even know about. If you’ve experienced the private tours in Prague, you already know that the pleasures available are only limited by your imagination!

Explosive Prague Massage Guide Released!

If your time is limited in Prague, and need immediate results in Prague massage parlours, consider Diamond’s tell-all Prague Massage Guide. Diamond makes it easy for the newcomer to get into the action right away, and for a fraction of the cost of a private guided tour.

Finally, if you are not able to secure Diamond, Novak, or another VIP tour guide, and choose not to download Diamond’s massage guide, at least use the highest level of caution when choosing your next Prague massage. ONLY visit parlours tested by a trusted source, by someone you know! This does not include taxi drivers – they are always on the take, just like hotel staff. It’s common in Prague for unscrupulous ripoff parlours to bribe these workers to guide tourists into their traps. If a Prague taxi driver recommends a parlour, run away as fast as you can! Online message forums are no better – the parlour tricksters know these avenues also, and often make false recommendations to attract new victims.

Whichever method you choose to select your Prague massage, use caution, and enjoy yourself to the fullest! Perhaps you’ll discover for yourself the delights that keep men returning to the Czech capital year after year, for sensual adventures that only Prague can offer!