WARNING! Every Man Should Know THIS About Praha Massage Parlours!

Prague Massage expert Diamond

Prague massage parlours continue to draw world attention and have become famous for many reasons. First of all, it’s true that well-guided customers still enjoy world-class quality for third world prices. But it’s also true that tourist traps are becoming all too common in Prague, as every crooked taxi driver knows. Price escalation schemes and tourist burns happen every night in Prague, and russian mafia groups continue to thrive. Once you have experienced the delights of a good quality prague massage though, you’ll know the following to be 100% true.

Prague massage parlours are spread throughout the city, with touristy varieties closer to the center. Any massage parlours surrounding the Old Town Square or the castle area must at least present a legitimate front. Secret signs inside quickly alert savvy travelers that other services are offered, normally in back rooms or jacuzzi tubs. Many times local university girls work in the better ones, and eagerly service men for pennies on the dollar compared to the tourist trap parlours, which will leave you fleeced instead of satisfied.

Czech University Spa Girls Exposed!

Since many young Czech women choose to escort part time during college, the quality of offerings in Prague can be staggering if parlours are wisely chosen. Often I’ve enjoyed a full hour of intimate massage services from gorgeous young Czech women for less than 10 euros! These girls enjoy treating foreign men like kings, and even though their English level is often basic, the glow in them as they bring you pleasure is what keeps me hooked on Prague. I’ve done Budapest and Paris massage houses but nothing can compare with the delights of a proper Prague massage.

As a new business traveler in Prague a few years back, I didn’t know the city like I do now. And a lot of my knowledge and amazing experiences I owe to a man named Nicholas Diamond. Nicholas was a real Prague journeyman, having prowled the streets hundreds of times over the past years. And I now have full confidence in saying that Nicholas is the world’s foremost authority on Prague happy ending massage parlours. When he first started reciting his list of first-rate parlours to me, I had trouble keeping up. He seemed to know every massage place around every corner of Prague, even the girls names who worked in them!

Who Else Wants A Prague Happy Ending Massage?

After enough demand from his clients, Diamond divulged everything he knew about prague massage parlours into a fully downloadable, pdf version ebook. And after you put Diamond’s ebook Prague Massage Guide onto your smartphone you also have the full power of his expertise at all times. The pdf Guide is a real eye-opener, and it will transform you from a tourist instantly. You’ll find yourself spellbound as Nicholas describes the back-room workings of the parlours & exactly what to expect inside. What else will you discover in his explosive tell-all?

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WARNING: Diamond’s Guide is certainly not for everyone. Larger stag or travel groups can be better served through one of Prague’s tour planning companies, many of which can include a brothel or two on their pub crawl (be sure to verify prior to booking!). Also, VIP travelers with unlimited money and time often choose personal sex tour guides like Diamond or Jiri Novak to personally lead them to Prague’s ultimate treasures. If you want even MORE security and don’t mind paying a couple hundred euros for their services, Diamond or Novak both come highly recommended by local insiders.

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Updated August 2018!